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This download centre includes McAfee products available to download and also the latest McAfee articles in pdf format. Select the links below to download.

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Privacy, Security & Virus Information

What Virus Threats Do You Face? (PDF size: 43.3 KB)
Did you know that a Trojan Horse is not technically a virus?
Did you know that the first virus released was by a high school student?

What Risks Do You Face From Online Fraud? (PDF size: 42.6 KB)
Anytime that someone has access to your personal information, you are at risk of becoming a victim of online fraud...

SPAM: Why Did it Start and Where is it Headed?(PDF size: 42.9 KB)
“SPAM” is the common name for junk mail that arrives each day in your email account’s in-box...

Are You Offering Identity Thieves Your Personal Information?(PDF size: 43.1 KB)
Spyware steals lists of sites that you have visited. Hackers steal your banking and personal information. Worms steal your usernames and passwords. Are you helping them in their theft?...

What are Virus Scans and How do They Work?(PDF size: 51.5 KB)
There are many threats that face our computers every day. Your first line of defense is a strong Anti-Virus Software, but what are these threats and how do virus scans protect you and your computer?...

Virus Detection and Prevention Tips(PDF size: 47.1 KB)
Do not open any files attached to an email from an unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy source...

How to Stay Safe on the Web(PDF size: 43.2 KB)
You have good reason to be wary of the Web these days...

What You May Not Know About McAfee (PDF size: 40.3 KB)
McAfee is Security Only When you want to be the best in a field, you have to give it 100%. All of McAfee’s efforts are dedicated to security, and they are the largest company in the world to do so...

Continue Chatting the Day Away (PDF size: 47.2 KB)
Teens and children love to use chatrooms. They are great online locations where kids from places across the globe can meet other kids from around the world. However, it is important to note that chatrooms can also be dangerous places for those who are not protected...

Preventing Instant Messaging Crime (PDF size: 46.6 KB)
One of the newest developments in online communication, Instant messaging (IM) is the fastest and simplest way to communicate online with friends and coworkers. With this new technology come new ways for criminals to distribute worms, viruses, and Trojans into your computer’s hard drive...

Protecting Your Children From Online Risks (PDF size: 49.0 KB)
Parents these days are finding it difficult to balance children’s use of the educational technology of the Internet, and the dangers and fears associated with cyber crime. Parents understand that the Internet can be a wonderful tool for children to use...

What Can I Do About SPAM? (PDF size: 38.2 KB)
At one time, spam was simply limited to just unsolicited advertising messages. Since its inception, spam has become far more advanced. Spam can now steal your personal data and financial information...

Free Downloads For Teenagers? Or Another Risk For Your PC? (PDF size: 53.2 KB)
McAfee is urging parents to check with their kids this summer – and keep a close eye on their online activities...

It's Your Identity. Protect It (PDF size: 38.5 KB)
With one in four households in the United States victims of identity theft, this growing crime is beginning to become a daily aspect of life in Europe. As a result, it has become imperative to defend yourself on and off line...

The Facts On Phishing - What You Need To Know (PDF size: 37.8 KB)
With tens of thousands of crimes reported each year, damaging even the savviest of computer users, Phishing attacks have become a startling online epidemic...

Internet Crimes – Reporting To Authorities (PDF size: 50.8 KB)
Protecting yourself against Internet crime and identity theft is critically important to a successful Internet experience. It is very important to keep your firewall and Web browser up-to-date...

McAfee Spyware Prevention Tips (PDF size: 39.2 KB)
Install anti-virus software on your computer and make sure you allow software updates to occur regularly...

Computer Threats To Come (PDF size: 48.7 KB)
Even if you are unsure of exactly what a computer virus is, you are likely familiar with the concept. In fact, even people who are very computer suave are unsure, since the concept of the computer virus changes almost daily due to new inventions by hackers...

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